Компания «13 СТУЛЬЕВ» является официальным представителем в Украине брендовых мебельных фабрик: JAFRA, SMACK, DIG-NET, MEBIN, FAMEG.


(044) 485-20-08  Киев, пр-т. Оболонский, 1б (1 этаж.) ТРЦ «DreamTown»

(067) 470-74-33

(044) 353-92-65  Киев, пр-т. Московский, 8 к. 16а (3 этаж.) ТЦ «Декор Сервис»

(067) 770-95-00

(068) 947-31-58  Киев, ул. Петропавловская, 6 (2 этаж.) ТЦ «4 Room» 


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A Nice Stay Going At A Cheap Price

A Nice Stay Going At A Cheap Price

Snacks like peanut butter crackers, granola bars, rice cakes, numerous others. Travel well and are substantially back filling. Also, bring your own bottled water and soda's.

On average, you pays off about $10.00 more for one kitchenette. However, you can eliminate the of culinary. If there are four vacation members, areas a the least $60.00 per that are generally eliminating.

New York City offers world class accommodations. A variety of hotels can be discovered hotels here. You may be extra traveler or budget traveler; New York hotels are suitable for all. The travelers that looking for reasonable hotels rooms in San francisco City, substantial advisable to choose the hotels like Skyline, Park Avenue Deluxe, Broadway Deluxe, and so on.

If you might be confused about where to stay while visiting Spain, you dont have being. There are lots of good, average and reasonable lodging for Spain in each of its cities and towns. People who want have fun with the sights of Granada will get good selection of cheap accommodation in Granada Spain. Is a favorite destination people today who visiting this place. Usually are many exotic sights for seen like forts, castles and other beautiful buildings. You get all types of hotels in this city. It is very easy to book a hotel here once you will get good group of hotels out from the online hotel booking internet pages.

You can be quite a lot of hotel photos throughout online lodge booking. Would you want find out exactly what the rooms look like? Then, there is not a trouble. Its additionally feasible for you now to obtain a glimpse for the view via hotel.

If you are traveling somewhere by plane, you are inevitably for you to need ground transportation. Car rentals at airports have a tendency be price compared to in town choices. When you should rent in the airport, the top way to get a deal is via your frequent flyer mileage. Rates can be half as much as those posted from the desks. Inside event ought to do not have frequent flyer miles, make an attempt to book via the on-line websites for the variety rental businesses. A number industry experts will likely to end up offering specials that will definitely add very much as significant savings.

Renaissance The big Times Square is a 4 star hotel which is centrally serving the area around the heart of New jersey City. This hotel been recently recently redesigned. The cost about this hotel is $204. The guest rooms over here're well furnished and highly equipped. You 26 floors in this hotel. You will find excellent transportation facilities near for this hotel. Should easily make an online booking in this hotel by filling the on-line booking form. Credit rating card data is required strategy to to guarantee your booking. But the payment is made exclusively into the hotel at the time of departure. After you make a booking, it can actually not be cancelled or changed. The folks who are above 18 years can simply make an on-line hiring. The hotel rates are non-changeable and non-refundable once the booking has been confirmed. Website URL:


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